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Statement of Purpose

June 15, 2010

Recently I’ve had some people ask me how this blog came to be. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever addressed it before on the actual blog. So here’s my attempt at explaining how this hot mess blog was created.

I tried out for my college paper as well as our college magazine (if you can even call it that, the magazine is bi-annual!) and was turned down from both of them. I do kind of understand why. Both the paper and the magazine strive to provide the student body with news that is actually news. Not just news in the personal life of well, me. And as much as I’d love to see a dating column in the daily paper on campus, I can see why they didn’t share that view. My writing style on the blog is not that of a newspaper or even an opinion article in a magazine. I think it’s a little whimsical for the paper and a little to lengthy for the women’s magazines that I love so much. I’m sure in time my writing will evolve or at least I hope it does but for right now I really do like the blog’s style.

I want to write this blog in a way that sounds like I’m sitting right in front of you, saying everything that’s running through my mind, like I’m speaking to a good friend, conversational, raw, real and emotional. I want people who read it to relate to it. I pretty much write what I think in my head and let the words sort of spill out the way they are conceived in my often tangled mind. And I like it that way. If I sat here and edited the posts and refined them, you wouldn’t be getting my point of view. You’d be getting a piece of my point of view trapped under a sheath of formalities. So I hope that that’s okay with you.

Ideally I’d love to see my posts evolve into columns. To kind of link every week to the next, sharing as much as I can, not to give advice but to share my experiences so we can navigate this dating world that seems to follow us everywhere we go, whether we are attached or on the prowl.

In addition, there’s a beauty in this single life that I cant deny. I’d be lying if I said I absolutely hate being single. And I think that for as many single people as there are in the world, there’s not much of a voice for them. I mean you’ve got your “single and ready to mingle” sluts and then you got your “desperately alone and living her life vicariously through the bottom of her Ben and Jerry’s tub” girls. There just didn’t seem to be a balance between the two ends of the single life see-saw. So although I don’t always strike the best balance, I do like to think that I don’t want to limit this single life to a stereotype. There’s a million reasons to be single and there’s a million ways to feel about being single and this blog just showcases those that belong to me.

Thanks again for reading and thanks again for your support. Really I can’t say it enough. So thank you.

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