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Back From My Extreme Vacation Bro.

May 30, 2012

Ah! I’m finally back from my Costa Rican vacation, which I decided not to blast out on my social media outlets/on this website on account of the deep fear that my incessant Criminal Minds watching has impressed upon me that serial killers are clamoring and fighting for the chance to stalk my comings and goings. Ah yes, but that’s another story of yet another one of my irrational fears, perhaps for another day or a little later after you finish reading this post.

But perhaps the worst part of coming home from vacation for a recent journalism grad is not the realization that you have to go back to the grind of the real world’s terribly discouraging version of everyday life, but instead that you must come to terms that you are now officially unemployed. Ah yes, the pride of all my undergraduate accomplishments has officially faded and now I get to look forward to my questionable future of being a professional, unpaid intern. My shopping addiction is not going to be happy about this. No, not at all. My body is summer vacation mode while my head is just like, “Yo, remember that whole ‘it’s called alcoholism after you graduate’ thing? Yeah, the same goes for the whole not having a job thing. Apparently, it’s only okay when you’re like in school and stuff…”

Costa Rica was still great though. It was my family’s first vacation together in almost six years, which was very apparent by the second day when we had already had our first fight after being confined to our hotel room thanks to the whole rainforest insisting on raining thing. I mean, I know it’s called the rainforest and all, but how was I to know that it would rain almost every day we were there? Granted, it was still beautiful and while we did not spend anytime at the beach, instead opting for the more adventurous rainforest regions, it was also a vacation full of firsts. Notably, the first day I realized that my hair was really only suited for the dry and frustratingly hot climate of Austin, as it literally refused to comply to any kind of taming in muggy, humid air of Costa Rica. A couple other firsts? Winning a tree-climbing contest, ziplining upside down in the rainforest canopies, waterfall rappelling down heights of nearly 100 feet and tarzan-style swinging above rainforest canyons. It was by far the most extreme vacation I’ve ever had. And now all I want to do is take a shower and dump the entire bottle of conditioner in my hair and sit for hours under the water pressure I took for granted before the trip.

Much more to come. Swear. You guys have no idea…but really…


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